There are many issues facing our State and Nation, I have no intention of attempting to address every issue in detail on this single web page. Below is a brief overview of my views on some of the more notable issues.  I would love to sit down and discuss any issue in more detail with you so feel free to attend one of our upcoming events or contact me directly.  Again, many other more specific issues such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure are encompassed in one of the the issues that I have summarized below.

Balanced Budget

The way our Federal government has been budgeting and using financial resources is simply not sustainable.  We must force those in Washington to be more fiscally conservative and responsible.  If we do not, the America that our children inherit will be unrecognizable.  

As an Oklahoma State Senator I have seen first hand how difficult it is to come up with and balance a budget.  The majority of legislators take the easy road and look to increase revenue by fees and new taxes on hard working citizens.  I am proud to have stayed strong in my fiscally conservative voting record.

The Border

The freedoms and prosperity that we as Americans enjoy are the result of a limited government that was set up to value and acknowledge individual freedoms.  The promise of that prosperity has been taken advantage of for far to long.  We must secure the border and ensure that those living within our borders are legal, law abiding, tax paying, productive citizens. 


The United States will always welcome immigrants to move into and join our great nation, however it must be done in the right way and we should have zero tolerance for those who violate our laws in order to take advantage of the United States.  In short, it is the duty of the Federal Government to build a wall on our southern border, and enforce our current immigration laws by also securing our ports on the east and west coasts, our northern border, as well as any other points of entry.

Empowering the States

One of the greatest threats that faces our State is the unconstitutional overreach of the Federal Government.  One of the most important necessities I have advocated as a State Senator and will fight for as Congressman is to begin taking steps to restore State Sovereignty and empower them to be stronger, more self-reliant and self-sufficient.

Our founders set up a very limited Federal Government, with the majority of the power falling to the States under the 10th Amendment, sadly over the years our members of congress have eroded the power of the States and allowed the Federal government to take charge of areas that were initially meant for the State Governments. 

Abolishing Abortion

It always amazes me how legislators campaign on protecting life, but when asked what they have done about it the answer is absolutely nothing.  I believe life begins at the moment of conception, and that life deserves equal protection under the law.  It is our duty as a human race to stop at nothing to protect innocent life.  The practice of abortion is the intentional killing of a human and should be treated as murder.   


I disagree with the typical "pro-life" organizations and legislation that seek to only regulate abortion while keeping it "legal".   Just like those who abolished slavery, I am an abolitionist and believe that the government has the moral duty and legal authority to immediately criminalize and abolish the practice of abortion.

The United States Supreme Court once ruled that slaves were private property and had no rights.  In the same way that the Supreme Court's opinion's on slavery were outside the constitution, violated basic human rights, and were therefore invalid, the States should treat the false "legalization" of abortion in the same manner, and should ignore the Roe v. Wade opinion and instead protect innocent life.  The Courts are not all powerful and must be kept in check just like the other branches of government.

Church & State

The phrase "separation of church and state" is found nowhere in the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution. Faith in God and the acknowledgment of his principles and moral laws within human government is what our Nation was founded on and is what made it great.  The Christian church has a duty to engage in and influence the government.  We the people should endeavor to keep God and His principles in our government. We must also protect the freedom to live out that faith publicly in our everyday lives.  If a government loses its sense of morality and strays away from natural law, the people will lose everything.


 "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other". -John Adams

Joseph Silk


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